What must be observed for the imprint in e-commerce?

What must be considered with the imprint in e-commerce?The imprint is a standard page that is found on every website, in every online shop and even with small web business cards. This is due to the fact that operators of sites on the Internet from Germany are obliged to maintain an imprint with their own data, which contains the most important information about the operators. With the Telemediengesetz clear defaults are made, which data must be present. These requirements serve above all to protect consumers.

Online shops benefit from the trust that is given to German shops in particular with the help of the imprint obligation. What should be taken into account when creating such an imprint for one's own site? How must the imprint be created? In general, the most important thing for the imprint is that it can be found on every page and with just one click. Whether you put it in the header navigation or in the footer is up to your own taste. The only important thing is that it can be found in a normal resolution.

By the way, this also applies to a mobile design; here, too, easy accessibility is mandatory so that visitors can easily find their way around the site and find information about the operator. The imprint itself must be filled with some very specific data. By the way, these requirements apply to anyone whose website has even a remotely commercial purpose. Whether you offer free pictures and have an advertising banner or market your dropshipping business over the Internet - all sites that are not completely private need the imprint.

Darein belongs, among other things, the name of the operator with a clear address. For a good contact either the phone number should be in the imprint or an e-mail address that is checked regularly. In the case of companies, it is also important that the tax number and the responsible tax office can be found here. After creating the imprint, it is time to create the other mandatory pages that are now associated with online shops.

First and foremost is the DSGVO, which has recently ensured that the conditions for data protection have become a bit stricter. A privacy policy therefore belongs to every page on the Internet today. Here it must be listed exactly which cookies are stored and whether any third party providers, for example Google Analytics, are also to be found on the page. Only in this way can you be sure that there will be no warning letters for violations of this new EU directive.Many of the shops on the Internet have not automatically adapted to the regulations associated with the German market.

So if, for example, you simply download a shop system from the Internet and install it on your own web space, you should check whether the appropriate modules for the system are available or whether you still have to create the pages yourself. With these two sub-pages, however, you are well equipped for the time being and now only have to integrate the declaration of withdrawal into your own shop in order to really cover all areas.