What kind of homes can you find in London if you go on an Erasmus

All young people should at least once take advantage of leaving their country with the aim of enjoying an Erasmus trip. And we can think of few better destinations than London, the main city of the United Kingdom where we can enjoy a high standard of living and many possibilities for fun. If we are encouraged by this trip, it is convenient to be aware of the different types of homes we can find. After all, having a good accommodation is a fundamental part of Erasmus and sharing a flat is one of the most recurrent options.

The only thing you should not do during your Erasmus period is to be very demanding. It is true that you should be careful with some areas of the city as indicated in Tricks London, but try your luck with the flatmates you find along the way. There are many Erasmus students in your situation and you won't necessarily have to end up with people from your own country. If you speak English, which we imagine you have no problem with, you will certainly enjoy sharing a flat with people from other countries.

This type of relationship provides the best experience when sharing a flat, and host families with space for students are also a good option. It depends on how introverted you are, because it is not always easy to move in with a family you do not know. However, it is an idea that we can appreciate if we are very used to living with a family and we believe that we can feel lonely in another way. This type of page is becoming more and more fashionable and gives us the option to stay temporarily in apartments and houses of people who get an income in return.

In the long term they are not as profitable on an economic level, but the great variety of houses and the ease of booking them is sure to please you... Hostels, hotels and hostels do not go out of fashion. In each one of them we have a type of characteristics and services depending on what we are willing to spend every day. Hostels are the cheapest, but it is a type of home in which we may not like to be, because sometimes we share large rooms with many people.

The reality is that there are many options for finding a home in London if you're travelling on an Erasmus trip, so it should be one of the last things you lose sleep over if you're thinking of taking one of these trips.