Sustainability and visible action in Brazil

The news around the environment has been quite frightening throughout 2019, revealing the fragility of the planet in the face of the changes that result from human action on it. This year, the disturbing news about the melting of the ice in Greenland (which melted by 40% in a single day), about the forest fire which, very close to us, devastated the Amazon, or about the way the planet surpassed, before the middle of the year, its limit in terms of natural resources, was part of the international news agenda.The initiatives created and driven by the Brazilian people have shown assertiveness in the fight against ecological wear and tear, seeking a change in the way their markets, their state and their citizens react to sustainability issues. These are some of the ways Brazil has sought a more sustainable and healthy action for the 21st century environment.

Sustainable creationsThe

creation of artistic, decorative and design products in recycled materials is one of the measures integrated in the concept of zero waste and which has been applied in Brazil. The focus here is to reduce the environmental impact that these markets, currently so ephemeral, promote on the planet, creating an industry more aware of how consumerism can be harmful to the environment.

The reduction in the use of plastics in the creation of these pieces is another of the actions that we have been seeing.


of the most evolved countries in terms of creating ways to travel in a more ecological way is Brazil.The Brazilian people show a vanguardist concern with the environmental impact of their travels and, for this reason, the country is home to a large number of environmentally friendly hotel structures, where ideas such as water filtration are applied to reduce the number of plastic bottles or the principle of composting for hotel waste.These spaces also take advantage of the opportunity to spread more sustainable principles and new forms of life, anchored in the natural world.

The role of the mediaBrazil

has been responsible for several campaigns that aim to raise awareness among national and international people about issues related to Nature. Recently, a popular video about the Amazon as a world lung was a good example of how famous Brazilians unite for this cause, aiming at creating more ecological mindsets and promoting sustainability.


it comes to protecting the planet, the Brazilian people know how to unite, and so even in the daily lives of the people, there is a concern to apply the principles of ecological protection through practices such as reduction, reuse and recycling.